Frequently Asked Questions


In what cities does Opendoor buy and sell homes?


What types of homes does Opendoor purchase?
How does the closing process work when you sell to Opendoor?
Can I sell to Opendoor if I’m already working with an agent?
How do I request a cash offer from Opendoor?


How do I visit a home with Opendoor?
How does buying from Opendoor work?
Can I use my own agent to buy with Opendoor?
I’m ready to put in an offer on a home. What’s next?
I need to buy and sell at the same time. Can I do that with Opendoor?


I’m an agent. How do I work with Opendoor?
Will I still get a commission when I work with Opendoor?
As an agent, how do I get into an Opendoor home? You don’t use lockboxes.
My client wants to buy an Opendoor home. What’s next?
How do I get started with the Agent Access Loyalty Program?

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